In Case of Emergency: Organize!

We keep hearing that the solution to our social and economic troubles is to pour more money into large corporations — in the form of bailouts and tax cuts — in hopes that they will create more jobs, loan to small businesses, work with homeowners to keep their homes, and solve all our problems. However, we know this doesn’t work — after all, it was the big banks and corporations that ruined the economy in the first place. Four years after bailing them out, things have not changed and our communities are suffering.

What can we do about our very real problems — like feeding our families — when big corporations and politicians are not listening, and instead are making the problems worse?

The solution is to organize. Those of us who live and work in communities know what’s best for us. We cannot let our communities continue to slide deeper into debt, unemployment, homelessness, and despair. By joining with others who are dealing with the same issues and creating solutions, we can start to win back control of our communities and of our lives.

This is an economic emergency. We need to join together and take action now.

Download the Economic Emergency Kit and get started organizing to win change in your community.

Download the
Economic Emergency Kit

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