Having an organizing meeting

This is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of the Economic Emergency Kit, titled Organizing: How to act together to do what you can’t do alone. If you like this, you can download a PDF of the entire kit here.

You’ve been talking to other people about your issue, and about forming a group. You all want to get together, now what do you do? 

There are many types of meetings, informational and action oriented, formal and informal. But organizing meetings are about bringing people together to make key decisions and then from that meeting taking action on those decisions. In general, the goals of organizing meetings are to:

Ground decisions in reality and revisit your goals — update each other on what has happened since the last meeting and evaluate where you stand in relationship to your goals or plan.

Discuss and develop the next piece of your group strategy — what do we do next, and why is that our next move? See the chapter titled Campaigns, escalation & acting strategically, for a deeper discussion of strategy.

Plan tactics — plan out your next steps, including who will do what.

These meetings also serve to bring people together, support one another, and feel a sense of strength and accountability with each other that comes from being together and working as a group.

To make sure your meetings accomplish these goals, you’ll need to plan ahead. People like their time to be well spent. They chose to come to this meeting instead of doing other things. Well-run meetings keep people coming back, participating, and bringing others. Good meetings make people feel like they accomplished something, and leave people with momentum to take action.

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