The Toolbox contains worksheets and handouts that are referenced throughout the first three chapters of the Economic Emergency Kit. These documents are included in the back of the PDF of the kit. You can also browse and download individual PDFs of the various tools here, for printing and copying.

Turnout Worksheet

Getting folks to turn out for your action doesn’t happen magically. It takes diligent work, and an organized approach. Using a Turnout Worksheet will help you be clear about who has committed to come, and easily remind them of that commitment before the event.

Download the Turnout Worksheet PDF

Taking Video Tipsheet

┬áMany folks now carry powerful media creation tools in their pockets. Using a smartphone or a small video recorder, it’s easy to point and shoot and record critical events and actions in motion. The Taking Video Tipsheet will help you record your action and message more effectively, creating better footage for sharing with your community.

Download the Taking Video Tipsheet PDF

Spokesperson Tip Sheet

The Spokesperson Tipsheet provides a handy set of tips and reminders for talking to reporters and trying to convey your group’s message to the media-consuming public.

Download the Spokesperson Tipsheet PDF

Press Release Example

This Press Release Example shows a typical press release, and tips on creating and using the press releases you create for your group.

Download the Press Release Example PDF

Press Advisory Template

The Press Advisory Template shows the basic format for a press advisory, used to alert reporters and media to the details of a newsworthy event. Tips for creating and using a press advisory are included.

Download the Press Advisory Template PDF

Power Analysis Worksheet

Use the Power Analysis Worksheet to systematically research, discuss and define the set of power relationships that are central to your issue and your group’s goals. This worksheet has many pieces, so it is probably more of a guideline for a series of butcher paper charts or discussions, as you won’t be able to fit all the required information in the small boxes provided.

Download the Power Analysis Worksheet PDF

Meeting Prep Checklist

Use the Meeting Prep Checklist to make sure you are prepared to run a thoughtfully planned and well-organized meeting that creates space for all attendees to participate and furthers your group’s goals.

Download the Meeting Prep Checklist PDF

How to Create a Flyer

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a basic flyer for your event, action or issue.

Download the How to Create a Flyer PDF

Forming a Group

Campaign Plan Outline

Action Prep Checklist

Track event roles and critical pre-event tasks as your group prepares for an action. Use this form to stay organized and hold each other accountable for what each person is responsible for in making your action a success.

Download the Action Prep Checklist PDF